From the 1981 Canadian Sears Wishbook...

Cryotron Figure Case: Original Retail: $14.99

Catalog Description: The perfect vehicle for storage and intergalactic transportation of your space adventurers. Case holds fourty 3-3/4" high figures (not included). Can accommodate most STAR WARS™ figures. Either lay them in compartments around perimeter of seat or in console at the hub of the saucer. Durable plastic. Carry Handle. About 17-3/4" diam.

Catalog Scan courtesy of "Irwin Toys, the Canadian Star Wars Experience"

Below I've filled both levels of the case with figs, and shown how they can be "seated" around the centre console. This really was an idea ahead of its time for a carrying case to have a dual purpose; a harbinger of the POTF2 Millenium Falcon Case.

The size of this piece is pretty incredible as you can see below. The top and bottom halves are hollow polyvinyl, while the white inner tray is plastic and has turned a little brittle over the years and is prone to cracking. Without figures in it, this case resembles a party tray, and wouldn't look out of place with some veggies around the edge and the dip in the centre.

While technically not a bootleg, this piece is not actually a licensed Star Wars or any other toy line piece, and was an attempt to cash in on the hype surrounding the movies. It was advertised in the Sears Catalog on the same page as the 1981 Star Wars releases.