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Welcome to the Vintage Canadian Carded Star Wars Figure Archive.

Collecting Canadian Packaged Star Wars figures can be a frustrating yet rewarding experience. Produced at 5-10% of the equivalent U.S. Cardbacks, the hunt can be long and arduous. Certain cardbacks are unique to Canada, such as the Canadian Shrinkwrapped/Skin/Vacuum Sealed figures, as well as a 77 back Boba Fett Collect all 77 figure Cardback.

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In Canada, there are 23 different Cardbacks From Star Wars to Return of the Jedi, including Transition and Shrunkwrap, as well as the only Power of the Force figure released in Canadian Packaging, Yak Face, and the Droids and Ewoks Lines which both differed from their U.S. counterparts.

Kenner Canada product is immediately discernible by the inclusion of a second line of text below "Ages 4 and up" at the top right corner. "Pour 4 ans et plus", its french translation is printed directly below. Underneath the Kenner Logo, the Irwin Toys Address (43 Hanna Avenue.) is printed. These two tell-tales are the easiest visual clues on the front of the card.

Unlike other foreign distributers of Kenner Products, (Toltoys; Australia, Palitoy; Great Britain, Lily Ledy; Mexico, Meccano; France to name a few), Kenner Canada was a partnership between Irwin Toys and Kenner Toys (Cincinati). Kenner Canada figures were the only foreign figures to prominently display the Kenner logo on the card Front.

This archive can only grow and improve with the help of those who own and cherish Canadian carded pieces. If you have a piece that is not yet confirmed to exist or is in any other way currently not pictured here on the archive please contact the webmaster. If you have a better sample of an item pictured on this archive, please submit it.

This website was only made possible by the exemplary pioneering work Scott Bradley and Jim McCallum have done in the Canadian Vintage Field, as well as the contributors and editors of for their continued work in the hobby.

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