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Canadian Battlestar Galactica Collection

Boxed Viper Launch Station
A boxed toy that's desirable to many Battlestar Galactica Collectors, the Launch Station is essentially and oversized gun that launches foam versions of the Colonial Vipers. Had the scale been increased just slightly, it would make a great display for the Colonial Viper Toys. (Back View)

Carded Imperious Leader
The layout is the exact same as the U.S. cards with the sole difference of the additional French text on the front and back of the card. Standard 6 back shown here.

Boxed Colonial Warrior
Mattel offered both a 12" Cylon (not pictured) and this 12" Colonial warrior. Both had battery powered accessories and the Cylon had an eye that lit up.

Boxed Cylon Raider
There were five mini-vehicles offered in the vintage line; Cylon Raider, Colonial Viper, Scarab, Stellar Probe, and the extremely rare Landram. (Rear View)

There were several Battlestar Galactica puzzles produced in Canada by Parker Brothers. Shown here is the Battlestar Galactica and that dashing Lt. Starbuck. (Who later went on to found a coffee chain...?)