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Due to the polices of certain forums, this is NOT a for sale page. It's a list of my extras. And about 2 years out of date. Been to busy to update it, contact me with offers for any items.
Tie Fighter MIB Canadian SW C7   Gone
X-Wing MIB Canadian SW C7    avail
Droid Factory MIB Canadian ESB C7   avail
12" R2 D2 MIB Canadian SW C6.5   avail
Imperial Troop Transport C7    avail
Ewoks Cartoon Logray MOC  C7.5   avail
Princess leia Toy Fair Display Card C5   Gone
Canadian Ewok Puzzles Each   avail
ESB & ROTJ Canadian Catalog Pack Ins Each   avail
Star Wars Luke Jedi and Ewoks Toothbrushes Each gone
Clash of the Titans, Loose Calibos and Charon
Calibos - C5 Shape, Charon C8
LOT ??

Vehicle/Playset Part QTY
12" Luke Boots 2
AST - 5 Door 1
AT ST Side Gun 2
Cap2 Left Arm 1
Cap2 Left Leg 1
Cap2 Right Arm 1
Cap2 Right Leg 1
Catapault Hook 1
Catapault Boulder 1
Chewie Bandolier Case 1
Deathstar Black Struts 3
Deathstar White Struts 3
ESB Mailaway Stand BackDrop
ESB Mailaway Stand BackDrop
ESB Mailaway Stand BackDrop
Ewok Village Throne handles 1
Ewok Village Throne Seat 1
Ewok Village Elevator 1
Ewok Village Support 1
Falcon Cockpit Canopy 1
Falcon Cockpit Glass 2
Falcon Gunner Chair 1
Falcon Skylight 1
Falcon Table 2
Falcon Top Gun 1
Falcon Landing Strut 1
Falcon Cover 1
Falcon Battery Cover 1
Forest Ranger Door 1
Forest Ranger Side Cannon 2
Imperial Attack Base Gun 1
Imperial Attack Base Roof 1
INT-4 Right Wing 1
INT-4 Top Hatch 1
ISP-6 Cannon 1
ISP-6 Canopy 2
ISP-6 Glass 1
ISP-6 Left Skid 1
ISP-6 Top Fin 1
Jabba's Throne Snack Bowl 1
Probe Droid Legs 4
Probe Droid Torso 1
Sail Skiff Guns 8
Sail Skiff Support Strut 1
Snowspeeder Canon 1
Snowspeeder Mid Engine 2
Snowspeeder Rear Gun 2
Snowspeeder Battery Cover 1
Snowspeeder Canopy 1
Snowspeeder Canopy Glass 1
Speeder Bike Left Handle 1
TIE Fighter Wing 1
Tripod Ammo Boxes 3
Tripod Cannon 1
Tripod handles 4
Tripod Leg 4
X-Wing Lasers 4