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Canadian Survival Kit Offer Run

The result of three years of searching, I completed this figure run in late 2004. Six of the nine figures are readily available on the collectors market, while three were extremely hard to find. Unlike Kenner U.S., Kenner Canada only released the 9 debut 41 back Characters on this offer card.

The easiest of these figures to find are:

Leia Hoth, Imperial Commander, Rebel Commander

Next are:

21B, ATAT Driver, Ugnaught

The final three:

Lobot, Han Bespin & Dengar

Of the Han Bespin and Dengar, I've only seen one of each fully carded, with Han Bespin being the hardest card to find. (I saw at least one other card for Dengar without the bubble).

Han Bespin
Leia (Hoth Outfit)
Rebel Commander
AT-AT Driver
Imperial Commander