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Prototypes Artwork

Action Figure Hard Copies

Ugnaught Torso - Carbalon Hardcopy.

Playset Hard Copies

Vehicle and Playset Prototypes

Unused Vinyl Case design

The Front view looks like a typical Empire Strikes Back Vinyl Case (First Release). A view of the top shows an unused kenner closure design. One can only speculate on the reasons for a possible change: Too many complaints of snaps tearing off from the Star Wars Cases? A desire to produce a more cost effective case by removing the snap?
This design was most likely created immediately before the Yoda Case was released as the colour of the insides and tray match that release. The first ESB released case had a blue inside and gray trays.

Mini Rig First Shots

INT-4 First Shot. This vehicle is the actual vehicle seen on the box artwork (Photo Sample). That spot visible in the picture above is where the figure was glued to the ship to hold it steady.

MTV-7 First Shot
#8 US written on tape Different mold than production with an open floor.
Another INT-4 First Shot, With an AST-5 First Shot.

Jabba Head, First Shot. While the rest of Jabba's body was injection Molded, (arms, torso, tail) The head was rotocast in a pliable rubber. Eyes were later added, as were the holes for the arms within the sockets. I believe that Kenner used the rotocasting method for the head to eliminate any unsightly seam lines. If the head had been injection molded as one piece, it would have been solid and used a great deal more material, as well as being heavier for shipping.

In my opinion, Kenner did one of their best jobs with the sculpt of the probedroid. It just exudes menace. The only way their design could have been improved, would have been to add joints to the arms, however, fot the time, it's one heck of an accessory. The probedroid shown above is a first shot in non-production colours used to test the mold. It is interesting to note that the serial #'s (mould #'s) inside the torso differentiate from the production probedroid

Diecast Tie Fighter - Early Wing

This first shot lacks dates and lacks the cross hatch pattern of the released Tie-Wing.

Proof Cards

U.S. Empire Strikes Back 45 back Proof Card of Princess Leia Organna The third installment in the Star Wars trilogy was originally going to be called Revenge of the Jedi. Kenner went ahead and printed test cards for figures. To this day, the revenge cards remain the easiest proofs to obtain.
Return of the Jedi 65 Back Han Bespin POTF Lumat

12" Figures (First Shots)

The Vintage 12" line was relatively shortlived and few examples of the prototypes are in collectors hands.

Front View
Rear View
Side View
Both heads are shot in non production colours with copyright markings. Leia is the more intriguing of these two first shot heads as the holes for the hair "rooting" have not been made. The copyright is also far larger as seen in the picture below to the left.

Action Figure Prototypes (First Shots)

Unpainted First Shot with no dates and holes in the feet. Came with the accessory which may or may not be a first shot.

Front, Back
Coming Soon?
Kea Moll
This first shot is extremely interesting as the colours match exactly to the hard copy sold recently by The Earth Toymall and featured in Tomarts.

Assembled, Disassembled

Tigg Fromm
Torso & Legs, unpainted, no dates, not sonic welded.

Front, Back
King Gorneesh
Partially painted first shot. Missing tail, No dates, and for some reason the head was cut at Kenner.

Front, Back, Head
Fully painted first shot. Shot in a slightly different colour of plastic, and the face is hand painted in lighter colours

Front, Back

Luke Poncho
Fully painted first shot. The only noticeable difference from the production version, is the darker shade of green used on the helmet.

Front, Back

Playschool Ewok Firefighter
Unpainted First Shot with dates and holes in the feet. This item could be considered an unpainted production piece.


At the end of the Return of the Jedi toyline, Kenner needed to revitalize the Star Wars Franchise. With no new movies on the horizon, Kenner had to revisit the original trilogy and come up with new figures. To add "value" to the figures, silver coins were struck and included. The Droids and Ewoks animated figures were also sold with coins, bronze instead of silver.

Luke Skywalker, Jedi
This is the coin that started it all. It is somewhat smaller than the rest of the POTF coins, and is the most common of the prototype coins. Kenner probably decided that a larger coin would have more perceived value and carried on.
C3PO, Droids
Silver "Proof" coin.
R2D2, Droids
Silver "Proof" coin.
Kea Moll, Droids
Silver "Proof" coin.
Thall Joben, Droids
Silver "Proof" coin.
Kez-Iban, Droids
Silver "Proof" coin.
Uncle Gundy, Droids
Silver "Proof" coin.
King Gornesh, Ewoks
Silver "Proof" coin.
Lando General, Power of The Force
Copper "Proof" coin. Certain POTF coins were coated with a copper covering as test strikes for the Droids and Ewoks line.