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Cryotron Carrying Case

Reliable R2 D2 Bank

Galaxy Gun

The Light Beam Saber

Sonic Sound / Ultra Son Knockoff Record Player
A truly Canadian piece, this record player was designed to play the read-along records that were released alongside the movies. It features Star Wars type ships and characters, but with enough differences to prevent copyright infringements. English and French on the inside lid.
Unlicensed Pin advertising a showing of the Star Wars Film in Newfoundland. Hand Drawn artwork. It's also possible that this pin is promoting the radio dramatization.
Knockoff "Star World" Figure Case. Identical to the U.S. release, no bilingual cases have turned up to this date.
Glow in the dark sword. Made in Hong Kong, and distributed shortly after Star Wars was released. I remember having this before any of the figures.
Leisure Vision Game Cartridges (2)
The packaging artwork contains images of Star Destroyers, t
he Millenium Falxon & X-Wings, but the games were similar to space invaders & centipde.