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C3PO's Cereal Boxes

Mail-away promotion hat. (Click to see full sized image)
For more cereal premiums, please see the trading cards page.

Burger King Glasses
Canadian ESB Burger King Glasses FrontESB BurgerKing Glasses Back
Burger King Glasses were generic U.S. releases for Star Wars and Return of the Jedi. Empire Strikes Back Glasses were "Made in Canada" in a series of 4. The silkscreening used different shades of the colours found on the U.S. glasses.
These "cards" were found under lids of York Peanut butter. There were 6 in total.
York Peanut Butter Tops

Return of the Jedi Dixie Cups

Return of the Jedi Napkins & Tablecloth

Coke Bottletops